Easy to say words * For latin students

¿Sabía UD…? Did you know…? * Le saviez-vous?

¿Sabía UD que en el idioma inglés hay ciertas palabras que se pronuncian casi como en español?

ESTAS SON ALGUNAS. Practícalas con tu familia, repitan juntos.

Aztec sing song dancer acrobat accident doctor dentist clinic actor actress activity french spanish ranch pharmacy basket market bed bad toilet shower show smart chat glass class lesson far star planet asteroid bank park cash credit card best text test exam open boiler bring drink sell clerk wet west north expert bell tell smell

HOMEWORK (Puedes decirle a un hermano mayor o a alguien de confianza que te ayude)

Forma expresiones cortas y simples utilizando algunas de estas palabras. Imprime este contenido y tus frases para presentarlo a tu profesor como tarea por tu iniciativa. Fomenta las buenas relaciones con quienes te educan y ayudan a superarte.

1 – Karla washes the kitchen.
2 – Frida sings french songs.
3 – The tank was empty.
4 – The doctor works in a clinic.
5 – My brother will travel to Germany.

6 – The kid was in the toilet.
7 – The children went to the park.
8 – Only four answers were incorrect.
9 – The king and the princess went to the opera.
10 – The concert will finish at ten.

11 – Charly won the chess tournament.
12 – The tournamente was in September.
13 – Emily will visit her family in Italy.
14 – The students practice chess in the gym .
15 – The chess instructor is from Moscow.

16 – The jazz band is from Berlin.
17 – The singers sing in italian.
18 – Twenty dancers were in the show.
19 – The tickets cost seventy dollars.
20 – The african acrobats acted perfectly.

See you later, aligator… afterwhile, crocodile!


Did you know? * ¿Sabía usted? * Le saviez-vous? * Você sabia? * Wussten Sie schon? * Знаете ли вы? * Znayete li vy?
Easy to say words * For latin students

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