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Cannibal village in Malekula Vanuatu. The last one was around 1940, during the WW2. They ate people from other tribes, not always missionaries! The victims were killed on a sacred stone, and shared between the men.

French language
Le village cannibale de Mallicolo, au sud. Les derniers cannibals datent de 1940. Les guerriers mangeaient, d’après ce qu’on nous a expliqué les ennemis dans un nakamal après les avoir découpé sur des pierres sacrées. Certains missionnaires ont aussi pu faire office d’hors d’oeuvres…


Wikipedia Article

Vanuatu (Bislama IPA: [vanuaˈtu]; English /ˌvɑːnuːˈɑːtuː/ ( listen) vah-noo-ah-too or /vænˈwɑːtuː/ van-wah-too), officially the Republic of Vanuatu (French: République de Vanuatu, Bislama: Ripablik blong Vanuatu), is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. The archipelago, which is of volcanic origin, is some 1,750 kilometres (1,090 mi) east of northern Australia, 500 kilometres (310 mi) northeast of New Caledonia, west of Fiji, and southeast of the Solomon Islands, near New Guinea.

Vanuatu was first inhabited by Melanesian people. Europeans discovered the islands in 1605 with the arrival of a Spanish expedition led by Fernandes de Queirós in Espiritu Santo. In the 1880s France and the United Kingdom claimed parts of the country, and in 1906 they agreed on a framework for jointly managing the archipelago as the New Hebrides through a British-French Condominium. An independence movement arose in the 1970s, and the Republic of Vanuatu was created in 1980.

This article is about the demographic features of the population of Vanuatu, including population density, ethnicity, education level, health of the populace, economic status, religious affiliations and other aspects of the population.

The population of Vanuatu is 98.5% indigenous Melanesians. About 30,000 live in the capital, Port Vila. Another 10,700 live in Luganville (or Santo Town) on Espiritu Santo. The remainder live in rural areas. Approximately 2,000 ni-Vanuatu live and work in New Caledonia. Although local pidgin, called Bislama, is the national language, English and French also are official languages. Indigenous Melanesians speak 105 local languages.

Christianity has had a profound influence on ni-Vanuatu society, and an estimated 90% of the population is affiliated with a Christian denomination. The largest denominations are Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, and Anglican. John Frum, a syncretic sect, also is important on Tanna Island.

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