When the voice of History speaks / Romulus et Remus

Romolo e Remo * (Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera.)
Romolo e Remo sono, nella tradizione
mitologica romana, due fratelli gemelli, uno dei quali, Romolo, fu il fondatore eponimo della città di Roma e suo primo re.

La data di fondazione è indicata per tradizione al 21 aprile 753 a.C. (detto anche Natale di Roma e giorno delle Palilie). Secondo la leggenda, erano figli di Marte e di Rea Silvia (o “Rhea Silvia”), discendenti di Enea.

Romulus and Remus

Romulus and Remus are the traditional
founders of Rome, appearing in Roman mythology as the twin sons of the Vestal Virgin Rhea Silvia, fathered by the god of war, Mars. According to the tradition recorded as history by Plutarch and Livy, Romulus served as the first King of Rome.

Romulus slew Remus with a shovel over a dispute about which one of the two brothers had the support of the local deities to rule the new city and give it his name. The name they gave the city was Rome. Supposedly, Romulus had stood on one hill and Remus another, and a circle of birds flew over Romulus, signifying that he should be king.

After founding Rome, Romulus not only created the Roman Legions and the Roman Senate, but also added citizens to his new city by abducting the women of the neighboring Sabine tribes, which resulted in the mixture of the Sabines and Romans into one people. Romulus would become ancient Rome‘s greatest conqueror, adding large amounts of territory and people to the dominion of Rome.

After his death, Romulus was deified as the god Quirinus, the divine persona of the Roman people. He now is regarded as a mythological figure, and it is supposed that his name is a back-formation from the name Rome. Some scholars, notably Andrea Carandini believe in the historicity of Romulus, in part because of the 1988 discovery of the Murus Romuli on the north slope of the Palatine Hill in Rome.



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  1. Romulo y Remo son, en la tradición de la mitología romana, hermanos gemelos, uno de ellos, Rómulo, fue el fundador epónimo de Roma y su primer rey. La fecha es determinada por la tradición el 21 de abril 753 aC (también llamada de Navidad en Roma y el día Palila). Según la leyenda, eran hijos de Marte y Rea Silvia (o "Rea Silvia"), descendientes de Eneas. (PARA TRADUCIR COPIE Y PEGUE EL SIGUIENTE URL)http://translate.google.com.mx/?hl=es&tab=wT#


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