How to start a telephone conversation

Step 1
Starting a phone conversation can be very tricky especially when you don’t know the other person. In these tips I will assume that you either don’t know the person at all or you don’t know them very well and are trying to get to know them.

Step 2
The first thing you should realize is that you need to be pleasant on the phone. Why should you be so pleasant in your demeanor? Because when you are that way it generally makes the other person feel at ease and it may even rub off on them.

Step 3
There are some major no-no’s in beginning a phone conversation with someone you don’t know well. Always avoid talking about controversial subjects such as politics and religion. These may well be topics you need to talk about in the future, but save them for a later day!

Step 4
A very important step in starting a phone conversation is having a little bit of a background about the person you are speaking with. For example, if you know the person you are speaking with is a stockbroker you can make some small talk about the stock market. Small talk about something they are interested in is a good way to get the other person to open up.

Step 5
Be positiveStay positive and don’t be a complainer. No one likes to listen to someone just moan and go on about their past or present problems constantly, especially in an initial conversation. If you have an ex-girlfriend who was terrible to you then that’s fine, but don’t bring it up!

Step 6
Always be respectful of the other person and their schedule. If the first time you call isn’t a good time to talk simply ask when would be a good time to call back or have them call you.

(How to Start a Conversation On The Phone)



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